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Since 1998 through current, there has been millions of transmission being recalled by the HONDA and ACURA, due to BAD DESIGN. The average life of transmission is about 80,000 miles. Even so many transmissions failed prematurely are from HONDA Company. There has not been any improvement or upgrade on HONDA transmissions yet. I sincerely advise you to check HONDA WEBSITE FOR HONDA for transmission recall information. You will discover that millions of HONDA and ACURA TRANSMISSIONS failed. At DISCOUNT TRANSMISSION, it took us many years of research and study on how to upgrade and improve these transmissions. Finally we found the cause as to why HONDA and ACURA transmissions fail prematurely. Replacing bad part is not the only criteria we work on. When doing rebuilding transmissions we also find out why the part goes bad to correct the problem and to prevent the failure from happening again in the future. I would invite to stop by our shop to see how we upgrade and rebuild HONDA and ACURA transmissions for very prolonged life. In the past two years we have been very successful in rebuilding and correcting the function of the parts. This process has extended the life of the transmission tremendously. We have over 150 HONDA and ACURA transmissions rebuilt, upgraded and improved. We offer 12 months or 12K miles for parts and labor. We offer this warranty because we are competent and confident in the quality of our work and our products. Pricing is based on Correct Core Exchange with a Buildable Core. Pricing includes Torque Converter, External ATF cooler where applicable

We stock various types of Japanese cars’ transmissions (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi…). Call us for a quote.


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